Our Sustainability Efforts

Why we value fairness

Positive Impact

We’re on a mission to create a positive impact on people’s lives & our environment. Research suggests that printing photos helps to recall positive personal memories which in turn elicits positive emotions.

Our team is taking the necessary steps to achieve a printing service that is CO2 neutral. We do this in various ways, because every effort, large or small, contributes. For example, most Stampix employees cycle to work and we make a yearly donation to WeForest to grow trees and reduce emissions.

What we do

Our Photo Printing Process

  • All our photos are printed on quality paper which is FSC certified
  • We select local print partners who operate Carbon Neutral printing machines
  • We use recyclable packaging and invest in research on making our packaging circular or biodegradable
  • We guarantee CO2 neutral distribution in the BeNeLux

There's no Planet B

Growing trees

WEFOREST is an international non-profit organisation that mobilises companies to restore the World’s forests and embark stakeholders on a journey towards environmental sustainability. Every year, Stampix makes a donation to Weforest and stimulates partner brands to make a donation as part of their campaign, thereby contributing to the fight against global deforestation. Learn more.



Our high quality photo paper
is FSC certified. 


We use Carbon


We use recyclable


We ensure a CO2 neutral distribution of all Stampix BeNeLux orders, through our collaboration with Bpost.

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