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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

About Stampix

Stampix is a photo printing service that makes printing fun & easy for you. We’re not just another photoprinting app, on the contrary! Our software helps you to select your best photos, we offer you the best pricing rates & on top of that you sometimes get access to free printing gifts.

Free? Oui, oui! We call it a gift. We can offer you gifts because we work together with fun brands who want to surprise you with free photos. It’s free because the brands we work with print their message on the reverse of your photos. No worries, there’s never any branding on your actual photos!

➡️ Learn more about how it works and who we are.

The Stampix App is available in BENELUX! 🇧🇪🇳🇱 Help us grow & take over the world. 💪 Stay positive, believe in us & good things will happen.

About the Stampix App

Download the Stampix App in the App Store or Play Store on your smartphone.📱Sign-up & get your first prints for only €0,99. Occasionally you can receive more gifts from brands we work with, but if you want to receive prints immediately you only pay 1,99€ for the shipment (best price in the market). Learn more about how it works here.

Why not?! Okay, let’s try to convince you now: *insert sales pitch below*

The Stampix App is very intuitive and automatically selects your best pictures. We print on very sturdy quality paper, you can choose from different fun formats and we offer you the best shipment rates in the game. On top of that we often give you free photos as a gift, thanks to partner brands. Oh and did we mention that we also print & ship CO2 neutral? 

So do you want to print your photos in a fun and fair way? And sometimes for free? Then Stampix is the way to go for you!

A gift is a set of photos you can print for free, usually 5, 10 or 15 depending on the photo format. When you have a Stampix account, you have access to gifts. 🎁

You can get more gifts thanks to the brands we work with. When a new gift is available, you will get a push notification, email or see it communicated on our social pages.

It’s free because the brands we work with print their message on the reverse of your photos. If you choose the retro or mini format, there can also be a logo on the front on the white border. But there’s never any branding on your actual photos. Learn more here.

About your order

Orders can only be cancelled if your photos have not yet been printed. Contact us via our helpdesk.

To reduce our carbon footprint, we group all your photos together and process them twice a week. After printing your photos are cut, packed and shipped with the local postal service (BPost, PostNl, Royal Mail…). Because of this, we cannot keep track of your order in real time and don’t know when it will arrive exactly. You normally receive your photos within 10 days after placing an order. 📬

We print & ship C02 neutral, also:

  • We use carbon neutral printers
  • We print on FSC certified paper
  • We print in batches, we only print 2 times per week
  • We enclose photos in recyclable packaging
  • We have a partnership with WeForest to grow trees.

Learn more about it here.

No panic! The delivery date we communicate is an estimated date. If in any case you haven’t received your pictures 1 week after the estimated delivery date, please contact us here .

You can change your address if we haven’t printed your photos yet. Go to our support tool and fill in your details.

After placing your order, the fun starts! We collect all orders and print them twice a week to reduce our carbon footprint. Afterwards your photos are packed and shipped. We keep you informed about the status of your order via mail. In your mails, you also have a link to follow your order via our Track & Trace page. Important: because your order is shipped through standard postal service (BPost, PostNl, Royal Mail…) we cannot keep track realtime of where your order is and when it will arrive exactly. 

Check our different products on our online shop.

  • Classic Prints: 10 x 15 cm
  • Retro Classic: 9 x 7.5 cm (including a 2,5 mm white strip)
  • Retro Landscape: 7.5 x 9 cm (including a 2,5 mm white strip)
  • Mini Prints: 9 x 5 cm (including a 2,5 mm white strip)
  • XL-prints: 20 x 30 cm (~A4)
  • Collage: 30,5 x 44,5 cm (A3+)
  • Calendar (with designholder): 
    – Dimensions of the design holder: 9.1 x 9.1 x 4 cm.
    – Dimensions of the calendar cards: 12.8 x 14.4 cm.
  • Postcard: 16,2 x 12 cm
  • Magnet prints:
    • Retro Classic (10): 9 x 7.5 cm (including a 2,5 mm white strip)
    • Classic (5): 10 x 15 cm
Our eco shipment option is only available for products that are printed and shipped in batches, which go out on Mondays and Thursdays.
Premium products, such as calendars and photo books, are not eligible for eco shipment as they are printed using a different method — they’re printed and shipped shortly after you place your order.
This means that, if your order includes premium products, the eco shipping option will not be available.The products eligible for eco shipment are:
  • Classics photo prints
  • Retro photo prints
  • Retro landscape photo prints
  • Mini photo prints
  • 1 XL poster
Stampix Shop

In the Stampix Shop you can buy all premium products; like postcards, posters, frames… Unless you have a specific discount code, these products will normally never be offered as a free gift. If you don’t have the Stampix App, you can order your photos via the Stampix Shop.

Orders that are placed via the Shop, are processed on a daily basis and delivered via Track and Trace. As a result, these orders will arrive faster and the delivery time is more accurate than when you order a set of Classic, Retro or Mini prints (also known as “Stampix Originals”).

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