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Printing in an ecological, fast & easy way. And sometimes even free! Discover here how that works.

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Print as many photos as you like in a range of formats! 🀩 Order straight from your phone in the Stampix app or online in the Stampix shop.

Gifts & Shipment


A gift is a free set of photos. When you have a Stampix account, you have access to “gifts”. 🎁

We call it a gift because it’s given to you by either a partner brand or by us!

There are 2 ways:

  1. We share the gift in the Stampix App via push notification and you can order in the Stampix App.
  2. You get an email or see it on our social channels and you can order via a link on a branded online platform.

This depends on the preferences of the partner brand.

A partner gift is limited & can be aimed to a certain target audience. When you have a gift, try to use it as fast as possible! 😊

Free printing is possible thanks to brands who print their message on the reverse of your photos.

If you choose the retro or mini format, there can also be a logo on the white borders on the front. There will never be any branding on your actual photos.


  • We print & ship locally, so in your country
  • We use carbon neutral printers
  • We print on FSC certified paper
  • We enclose photos in recyclable packaging
  • We make a yearly donation to WeForest

Learn more here.

To guarantee CO2-neutral shipment, we only print 2 times per week and group many orders together to make the process as efficient as possible. As a result, it can take a bit longer to deliver your photos & we depend on BPost, PostNL, Royal Mail…

You don’t have to wait for your next gift. You can always pay € 1,99 in the Stampix App for the shipment of your photos. Think about it, what else can you buy nowadays for this price? β˜•πŸŒβœοΈ

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